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Bester Hospital Elevator

Steady, Comfortable, Humanistic, Efficient

Adopting the design concept of “Humanistic Concern” of passenger elevator, Bester hospital elevator blends high-tech R&D mode of Bester and is safe, comfortable, efficient and energy-saving. Our hospital elevator is more suitable for medical facilities including hospitals and clinics than other brands.

Bester hospital elevator provides high-quality services for you:

● Permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction technology: Compared with other brands, Bester mainly adopts permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction technology, and compared with traditional worm drive, the technology is more energy-saving and eco-friendly and can improve mechanical efficiency by 30%; the gearless tractor has no gear box, eliminating the potential risk of oil pollution and fire caused by traditional gear traction system; the gearless traction system has small harmonic field and low electromagnetic noise as stators and rotors of the tractor operate steadily at a low speed, and no high mechanical noise caused by gear operation, so the gearless tractor reduces noise pollution on the surroundings, obviously improves operating environment of elevators, and is more suitable for medical facilities including hospitals.

● VVVF technology: It fully uses VVVF speed regulation technology in the tractor and gantry crane, improving carriage quality and ensuring more safe and reliable getting in and out and operation.

● Public transport solutions: Aiming at the medical establishment with dense people and high elevator use ratio, Bester provides the best elevator transport design proposals for you to improve operating efficiency.

● Elevator parts sheet-metal processing and manufacture: Bester owns the first-rate elevator manufacturing workshop and scientific and systematic manufacture management mode from Germany, manufactures elevator parts with rigorous processing techniques and advanced Japanese CNC machining equipment, and conducts careful and meticulous quality inspection, ensuring qualified elevators.

● Elevator decoration: Baking varnish decoration product uses French suspension baking varnish equipment and assembly line work, ensuring product quality and processing efficiency; stainless steel decoration product can provide hairline, mirror face, titanium, etched and other stainless steel and adopts plates from first-rate enterprises. Bester also can provide individualized decoration cage products according to your requirements.

● Human-computer interface: Bester passenger elevator takes original Japanese control system as the platform and has more convenient debugging and maintenance than other escalators, easier operator interface and comprehensive and rapid operation procedure; during the use, special Bester operating platform provides accurate, safe and efficient enjoyment for passengers.