What can we do for you?

If you want to work you can take from us according to your needs. The building may be planning a package, as Soil Test, KDA Plan, NOC. (No Objection Certificate), Structural Design, Plan Pass, the Working Detailed Plan, Cost of Estimate, 3D-view, Side Development, Constriction, Developing, Supervision & etc. We're provide a total of 4 different packages for you. Which will help you in your desire and ability to build your dream building. Choose the package of your choice........


Our First Packege

* Soil Test.

* NOC. (No Objection Certificate)

* KDA Plan.

* Stractural Design.

* Plan Pass.


Our Second Packege

* Detailed Working Plan.

* Cost of Estimation.

* 3D-view.

* Supervision (Per Visit / Monthly).

* Side Developing.


Our Third Packege

* Conuct of Full Conostraction & Developing.


Our Fourth Packege

* Here you can take to us to work according to your needs.

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