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Bester Escalator, Pavement

Safe, Comfortable, Green, Energy-saving, Attractive, Novel

BSF commercial escalator, BXR moving pavement:

In accordance with the design concept of “Safety, Reliability, Innovation”, it was developed and designed according to market demand and continues our commitment of green energy conservation and high-quality pursuit, and its bright and exquisite appearance adds architectural gloss. Main characteristics: Safety and reliability.

● The whole process of design, manufacture, inspection, installation and acceptance undergoes under effective and strict monitoring and management of ISO9001 Quality Management System of Bester, ensuring high-quality, safe and reliable products.

● It adopts superior steel rectangular tube welded truss. The mechanical properties including bending resistance, tension resistance and shock resistance of rectangular tube are better than angle steel. Compared with angle steel welded truss, the truss has stronger load capacity, more stable operation and longer service life.

● Two ends of the truss take the whole 20# angle steel as the fixing support, increasing the integrated intensity and making the escalator fix more firmly.

● Thorough security protection function meets GB16899-1997 Safety Rules for the Construction and Installation of Escalators and Passenger Conveyors and European standard security protection function table.

1 Anti-reverse Protection Under the condition of no manipulation, the operating direction changes and automatically stops. 2 Access Protection It automatically stops when foreign matters are entrained in the access of handrail. 3 Anti-adhesion It automatically stops while effectively detecting the adhesion of the contactor. 4 Phase order protection It automatically stops when there is broken item or wrong item. 5 Leakage protection It automatically stops under the condition of leakage. 6 Driving alarm bell When the ladder operates, audio alarm is made to prevent the accidents. 7 Stair collapse protection It automatically stops before entering comb teeth when the stair has abnormal deformation. 8 Return circuit protection Protect the circuit parts of the equipment. 9 Comb plate protection It automatically stops when foreign matters are entrained in the comb plate. 10 Step chain protection It automatically stops when the step chain lengthening or tensioning device shifts forward. 11 Stair guard line The peripheral yellow mark reminds the passengers to step on adjacent stair edge or skirt panel. 12 Stair lower light The green light source reminds the passengers of the position of the stair from the floor plate. 13 Scram button It stops operation when pressing the red button. 14 Additional brake The additional brake should be configured when the lifting height is more than 6m. It is optional for other height.

● Double row chain is adopted between the tractor and step chain wheel, with higher fracture load. Therefore, the safety coefficient is 10 times of standard requirements. It has no belt transmission and high safety performance, and can effectively prolong the service life.

● Safety glass baseboard adopts the fixing design of die-cast aluminum wedge block, is firmer than the fixing method of steel plate bending, and can ensure safe transport of the equipment even if the passengers are crowded.

Taking comfort:

● The handrail is made of aromatic high-strength steel wire and high-quality interwoven canvas, with outer layer of rubber (its theoretical brittleness temperature is 5℃ lower than rubber and plastic materials). It is featured by high wear resistance, strong ozone aging resistance and elegant and light aroma, and attracts passengers more, improving the using effects of the escalator.

● Humanized design: The stair system driving end of the moving pavement adopts new design, effectively solving the stair tripping during the operation, and ensuring more stable operation.

● The pavement adopts double R arc transition pedals on the upper and lower ends. Compared with the design of single R arc on the upper end and inclined entrance on the lower end, it ensures more comfortable taking, avoids the entrance of quiet floor plate from the moving pedal in the inclination section, makes the handcart used safely, and ensures stable and safe passage of the handcart.

Eco-friendly and Energy-saving

● The adoption of variable frequency control makes the equipment automatically regulate the frequency of the tractor under the state of unmanned taking, and reduces energy consumption by 30% or so, so as to achieve the aim of saving the energy.

● It uses new escalator tractor, permanent magnet synchronous motor and the drive of planetary gear reduction gearbox with the mechanical efficiency of no less than 98%. Compared with traditional asynchronous worm gear, it can effectively save more than 30% of energy.

● The improvement on the connection mode of stairs of the escalator and stair shaft: The former plastic sleeve is changed into the oil bearing, solving the problem that the plastic sleeve becomes brittle and is easy to damage at low temperature. It facilitates equipment installation and maintenance, saves the time for applying lubrication butter and avoids environmental pollution.

● The driving mode of improved handrail system is changed into roller driving mode from poly V-belt driving, increases the driving warp angle, reduces the surface wear of the handrail, makes the installation and regulation of the handrail more convenient, effectively prolongs the service life of the handrail, and reduces the maintenance cost caused by poly V-belt damage.

● The seal welding of the truss and bottom oil tray avoids the leakage of oilstain in the truss and pollution on the surroundings.

Appearance Design:

● Novel design of BL777 access: The round access and novel, fashionable and creative oval smooth transition upwarp handrail are harmonious and integrated with buildings, bringing out the best in each other.

● BL777 access adopts convex access protection to ensure that safety switch has acted in advance and stopped the equipment before foreign matters enter the access, effectively avoiding the defect that ingression access protection stops the equipment operation after accidents occur.

Individualized Matching:

● Bester provides appropriate distinct appearance and function matching for different customers shown as the following table:

1 Handrail color (shown as the sample) Matched building theme Black 2 Safety glass handrail color (shown as the sample) Matched building theme Colorless transparent 3 Variable frequency control It can save energy consumption in the state of small passenger traffic volume or dispersed passenger flow time. PC control 4 Running direction indication (variable frequency standard configuration) Remind the passengers of the running direction of the equipment No 5 Permanent magnet synchronous planetary gear tractor High mechanical efficiency, effectively save the energy. FTJ160A tractor 6 Aluminum alloy stair Matched building theme Stainless steel stair 7 Dark silver stainless steel stair Matched building theme Black stainless steel stair 8 B type stainless steel stair 3cm yellow safety line A type stainless steel stair 9 Automatic lubrication In favor of maintenance No 10 Fault display In favor of maintenance No 11 Skirt plate lighting in the comb tooth Increase the brightness of comb teeth, remind passengers to enter the position of moving parts, safer use. No 12 Skirt plate safety hairbrush Further remind passengers not to set foot in the gap between the stair and skirt plates on two sides No 13 Special input voltage, frequency Line requirements in different countries and regions 380V50Hz 14 Special civil engineering requirement Matched building theme Standard civil engineering requirement

Our constant pursuit is “Safety & Energy Conservation, Meet the Requirements of Different Customers”. Bester will provide excellent transport service for your buildings.